It's true

I'm moving out.

Or, at least, I have the intention to move out. The reality is still at this moment a mythical dream in which I find a wonderful place to live for a wonderful price with wonderful roommates in a wonderful ward and it all happens with a wonderful alacrity that is wonderful.

You can see how it's a mythical dream.

But, the reality is that I'm apartment shopping, pretty much anywhere within a 20-minute commute of my job in AF. So this extends into BYU-land (though that's becoming more distasteful to me the more student housing atrocities I witness) all the way up into Sandy. So if you know of a good place....

I've decided that I'm picky. I've lived in some fairly nice places with some AMAZING roommates, entirely besides living at home. So it's a little more than I can handle to cram myself back into a closet of a bedroom along with four or five other girls. Nothin' doin'. I like living space. I don't need a HUGE place, but I need to be able to breathe. And that definitely includes toning down on the amount of estrogen present in the household.

I saw some places today and yesterday, nothing terribly impressive. One place was tiny, one place was crowded, one place was utterly ghetto. I'm not really in a hurry (except that I am) so I can afford a little pickiness, at least for the moment. I just want to be comfortable.

PS: If you're curious about the house, well, it just didn't work out. A house was *probably* a little too much for me right now anyway, but it just didn't work out. And my patience has come to an end, so I'm fleeing back into the rental scene. Oh joyous wondrousness. >.<


Random thoughts on nothing in particular

Last night, my dear mom and I colored my hair (aka she did all the work and I reaped the benefits). Except, I can't really see a difference. In the sun it shines a little brighter, I suppose, but nobody noticed and I'm kind of bummed. Except I don't want to spend another seven bucks and another night of my life to do-over, so I'm just staying with Chocolate Cherry for now.

I'm presently engaged in a Star Trek marathon--the movies, not the TV series. So far we've watched The Motion Picture and The Wrath of Khan. Definitely preferred the latter over the former. Tonight we will probably be watching Search for Spock. I just have to note that this is the first time I've ever seen these. The only Star Trek movies I've ever seen have been First Contact and Insurrection. Love them both. And so far I'm enjoying these earlier films, if on an entirely different level.

Speaking of which...I'm totally enjoying my Netflix subscription again. I have an on-again, off-again relationship with Netflix, usually about six months at a time for each. I think that in six months, I watch all the movies that I'm interested in, and then I have to build up a new stock of things to be interested in before I start again. Currently I'm alternating the Star Trek marathon with episodes of Heroes. =)

My guitar is good. It has this weird buzz that's been getting worse since I bought it; I need to talk to somebody who knows one end of a guitar from the other who is NOT the people who sold it to me. However, despite this annoyance, I'm really enjoying it so far. Still haven't started lessons, though that's coming soon, but via the internet I've learned a few chords which I have been trying to apply to the easiest songs I can find in the children's songbook. I'm trying to start building calluses, but no noticable difference thus far.

I really really really want to go camping. Like...now. I have such a craving to escape and go to the (relative) wilderness for awhile. Unfortunately, this will be have to be put off for a couple of weeks. Fortunately, it only has to be put off for a couple of weeks, and then I can go!!

That's all. Like I said...nothing in particular.


I want to be in there with you!


Guitar triumph!


It's an Ibanez Sage series (SGT520VS). Solid spruce top, mahogany back, sides and neck, rosewood bride and fretboard. I tried bunches of different ones the past couple of days, and I found that I was particular to the Ibanez. I tried a couple different Ibanez, several Yamahas, Fenders, Samicks, Washburns, even a Martin today. It was amazing how much difference even I could hear, who have never played guitar before. I'm sure that ear will only get stronger with training. But for the money, I found that I liked the Ibanez. They got good reviews on different websites, I was able to get it for a good price, and it's pretty.

I'm very excited. Now I just have to learn to play it! =)

Playing catch-up

I was talking to a friend today about how busy I am making my life. He said, "That's okay, but just remember balance. That's a problem that you struggle with sometimes."

I wanted to take this opportunity to catch you up on some of the activites I've got going on, as well as those that I'm on the verge of.

Tonight I'm going to Taekwondo, which I'm pretty excited about. I didn't get to go last Thursday like I had planned, which is fine, but I'm glad to go back tonight. I am craving TKD and physical activity (which will play again in a moment) and I've missed the TKD community a great deal. So yay!

Also, I'm hoping that tonight will be the night: I'm going to buy a guitar. This makes me exceptionally nervous along with exceptionally excited. I can't wait to start learning.

Tomorrow I"m going to be playing softball on a city league team I just joined. I haven't played in ages so hopefully I don't look like an utter fool. But I'm excited to get out and play.

On Thursday I'll be up in SLC again for a planning committee meeting for the birthparent section of this summer's Families Supporting Adoption conference.

Friday I may be going to either the zoo or an aquarium, pending my friend Chris stepping up to organize the outing. I'm not going to lie. I really love every single one of my friends, but I get really tired of organizing most of our activities. So this time, Chris is in charge. =)

In the midst of all these things, I have lots of other things to do as well. Volunteer work, my new obsession with adoption blogging, writing a novel (in my new Moleskine notebook), stressing about the upcoming Semifinal announcement for ABNA, preparing to teach Sunday school, and hopefully making some kind of handout for visiting teaching (I've been kind of lax in that aspect of my calling), searching for a LBD to wear to Dixy's wedding, and hopefully maintaining x-number of friendships in the meantime.

Oh, and working 40 hours a week.

So yeah, life is busy. I wouldn't have it any other way. Hopefully I don't explode. And hopefully you know that I still love you!


Adoption blog

I'm getting more involved in the adoption cause, and I feel like I need a forum with which to specifically address adoption issues. For that cause, I have created a new blog:


There's nothing much there yet, but it will grow. For all few of you who read this blog, fear not: the muse will continue to descend. I'm just a little OCD and needed separate places for separate things.

Also, if you have some interest in adoption, please don't hesitate to link to either of my blogs!



Life ambitions

I have a life list. Yes. I do. A list of things that I want to accomplish somewhere in my lifetime. (I think I may have discussed this list before). Anyhow, I've been feeling the itch, the last couple of weeks, to tackle something new, and particularly something from this list. I think the trip to Seattle made me see that I CAN accomplish things, that I can make them work in my life and schedule now.

This craving for new challenges has taken shape in two ways. After days of searching for continuing education and community classes (and not finding a whole lot that stirred my interests) I have decided that I am going to take up the guitar. This is one of several musical instruments that I enjoy and would like to learn to play. It is the most accessible, particularly at this point in my life. And so, I'm going to. This comes with all sorts of hurdles I must get over first, but it is now on the day-to-day to-do list, which means it's gonna happens.

Secondly, I'm going back to Taekwondo. This has been a long time in coming. But I'm going to get my sorry lazy butt up and back into the studio. I went tonight for the first time in...well, a really freaking long time. And actually, I had a blast, I feel great, and the endorphins are amazing. So while I know it's going to be hard to motivate myself (as evidenced by the last six months and more) I've made the decision to go back. Just need to follow through.

That's all. What's up in your life?


Paperback splurge!

I love the bookstore. I think we've discussed this. At any rate, it was Friday night, I had nothing to do and nobody to do it with, so I wound up at B&N for a little time in the SF&F section looking for something new.

After visiting the EMP/Science Fiction Museum in Seattle, I have realized that I need to read a LOT more science fiction. I think this prompted this evening's purchases.

First, I picked up "I, Robot" by Isaac Asimov. I have a confession. Despite my profound love of science fiction, I've never read anything by Asimov. I know, I know, this is profane sacrilege of the worst sort. Soon to be mended! Unfortunately, the only copy B&N had available was a movie-cover--it has a lovely picture of Will Smith on the front. Gag. Not that I mind Will Smith, but I generally don't like books that are superimposed with film version covers. Lame. But I'm sucking it up--I'm a creature of immediacy, and I wanted this book NOW. So I'm stuck with Will.

The second book I picked up was "Sunshine" by Robin McKinley. Favorite author, but not a book I've read before. But I read the first two pages and was hooked, so I went ahead with the purchase. McKinley's books that I have read are among my top favorites, so I figured I was relatively safe here. We'll see how it goes.

And thirdly I picked up "The Speed of Dark" by Elizabeth Moon. I've only recently begun to read Ms. Moon (on the recommendation of my former Captain) but have been pleasantly enjoying her books thus far. This book in particular intrigues me--it is a science fiction novel surrounding autism. I am very eager to read it.

On the whole, I am rather pleased with how it turned out. I do love books, and I'm excited to get into some new works and authors. I would encourage you to do the same!

Old Navy amuses me

I think I would feel cooler if I had discovered this for myself, but no, I simply stole it from Jen's blog. However, I totally thought it was worth passing along.

Old Navy has hidden coupons on their website today, and since I like Old Navy things but don't like their prices under normal circumstances, I thought I would pass along Jen's step-by-step low-down on the 50% off coupon, which I have already snagged for myself also.

Step one:
Go to Old Navy Weekly. You will come to a screen that looks like this:

Click on "Start Hunting"

Step Two:
At the bottom of the page you'll see the "vote for the best legs" option...and I have to agree with Jen here that it's a little scary, seeing as they're mannequins and they have plastic-formed legs. Although, I'm not going to lie that their commercials make me laugh. Anyhow, you have to vote, and in perfect keeping with our society today, you must give EACH mannequin the full five stars. It will look like this:

Step Three:
Wait. After 10-20 seconds, a tiny kite will start moving through the page. It will start in the lower-left part of the horizon and move upwards and to the right. Can you see it below?

You must click on the kite. And watch it, because it moves pretty quickly to hide behind the mannequins!

Step FOUR:
Once you successfully click on the kite, you'll immediately see this screen:

Click on "Add to your in-store coupon." At this point, you'll see THIS screen:

Step SIX:
Click on "Make Coupon" and this will pop up on the screen:

You can either print the coupon directly from here, or have it emailed to yourself. I emailed it to myself so that I'll remember that I have it when I get home from work and actually have the opportunity to use it! On what, I don't know yet, but hopefully something cute!


PS: Thank you Jen for not penalizing me for outright blog-thievery. O_o


General Conference weekend

As I grow older, I am coming more and more to love General Conference. This weekend, I will be attending four 2-hour sessions where I (along with several other million members of the LDS Church) will listen to the words of our prophets, apostles, and other general authorities.

Since high school, I have generally watched most or all of General Conference with friends and/or roommates. This year will be no different, although it's going to be a new group--friends from my singles' ward.

I also particularly enjoy the activites that surround general conference. For instance, on Saturday night after the Priesthood session (during which Cheri and I will be at Wal-Mart!) we are having a movie night. Our movie selection still remains to be seen, but we will be watching from the comfort of the club house at the Milano apartments...which is VERY nice. =)

And on Sunday, we are having a brunch between sessions, and I am SO excited to make french toast. I'll admit that I have been craving french toast for...well, awhile now. So that's my contribution to our potluck brunch, and I'm pretty content with life.

Of course, I am mostly just excited to hear the words of the Prophets. And I'm excited to get to read them in a month's time in the new conference Ensign. I just absolutely love general conference.